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Marth Wood Shavings contracts wood shavings, sawdust, and other clean waste wood from mills and manufacturers throughout the region. Our services provide these companies with competitive value, reliable transport services, and utilize a valuable renewable resource.

Pellets, Wood Fuel, BBQ Pellets, Biomass Pellets

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our suppliers, who participate in our effort to reclaim waste wood, for promoting the wisest use of our forests. Your continued support and partnership has helped us become the most prominent and efficient user of wood byproducts in the Midwest.

Marth values and appreciates our continued customer base. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

With multiple locations and a wide array of production capabilities, we have the ability to manage a high volume of fiber residuals. You can count on Marth to always be able to accommodate the maximum volume of fiber residuals you can supply at the best value through the typical cycles of industry.

Pellets, Wood Fuel, BBQ Pellets, Biomass Pellets

Clean Heat

Easy to Use and Easy on the Environment

Marth Fuel Pellets are made of 100% pure renewable and sustainable wood fiber. These super efficient wood pellets are made by compressing wood particles. The compression creates heat, releasing the wood's natural lignin, which then bonds the particles into pellets. The result is a cost-effective, renewable way to heat your home or commercial building that's also environmentally smart.

Marth Wood Supply - Pellets, Wood Fuel, BBQ Pellets, Biomass Pellets

Bulk Wood Pellets for Commercial Heating

Find out why wood pellets are a good choice for heating your business.

Marth Wood Supply - Pellets, Wood Fuel, BBQ Pellets, Biomass PelletsFor clean, efficient heat of large and small commercial spaces, choose Marth Wood Fuel Pellets. Marth pellets are made using the latest technology in the industry, and are tested regularly at an independent lab to ensure consistency. They create extremely low emissions in pellet appliances and leave less than .5% ash. Marth Wood Fuel Pellets produce an average of 8000 BTU per pound with less than 5% average moisture.

That's a lot of heat in an environmentally friendly, highly efficient, convenient form.

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Wood Pellets for Residential Heating

Wood pellets are a great way to heat a home.

Marth Wood Supply - Pellets, Wood Fuel, BBQ Pellets, Biomass PelletsIf you'd like to heat your home with wood, but you don't want to deal with the hassles of firewood, Marth Wood Fuel Pellets are a great alternative.

No more chopping or hauling. No more bark on the floor. And say goodbye to bugs! Marth Wood Fuel Pellets are a clean and convenient alternative.

Each easy-to-manage 40-pound bag provides up to 20 hours of continuous heat for only a few dollars.

How Much Will You Need?

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