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Marth Wood Shavings contracts wood shavings, sawdust, and other clean waste wood from mills and manufacturers throughout the region. Our services provide these companies with competitive value, reliable transport services, and utilize a valuable renewable resource.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our suppliers, who participate in our effort to reclaim waste wood, for promoting the wisest use of our forests. Your continued support and partnership has helped us become the most prominent and efficient user of wood byproducts in the Midwest.

Marth values and appreciates our continued customer base. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

With multiple locations and a wide array of production capabilities, we have the ability to manage a high volume of fiber residuals. You can count on Marth to always be able to accommodate the maximum volume of fiber residuals you can supply at the best value through the typical cycles of industry.


Can we buy wood fuel pellets or bagged shavings direct from your plant?

We typically sell through our dealer network of small to large stores throughout the Midwest. Large volumes of bulk products are the only thing we consider selling direct

What species of wood are your pellets made of?

The hardwood pellets are primarily oak, maple and minor parts of aspen, hickory and others. Our softwood pellets are a blend of ponderosa pine, spruce, fir, red pine, jack pine and white pine.

What species are your bagged shavings?

We primarily blend major parts of softwoods like red, jack and white pine with minor parts of lighter colored woods like aspen and poplar.

Are there any binders in your fuel pellets that hold them together?

We only use the natural lignin's in the wood God provided that are liquefied in the densification process that then cool to ambient air creating the dense product with the shiny surface of the pellet.

Can we use wood fuel pellets for animal bedding purposes?

NO. There are certain woods like walnut that are known hazards to equine animals that we make sure are not part of the animal bedding blends.

Can we use your wood fuel pellets for grilling?

NO. Our BBQ pellets come from material sorted from pure virgin material streams to ensure there are minimal possibilities of contaminants and thus provide the safest wood fired heat source and the best flavor.

Can a group of individuals go together and buy a semi load of products?

We always encourage you to work through your local dealer and we in turn encourage them to work out a special price as they are willing and able.

Turning Out Solutions

Marth produces environmentally friendly products made from natural fibers.

Marth Wood Shavings also offers superior shipping through Marth Transportation, inc.

Do you have wood or other fiber waste in large volumes?

We would like to talk with you. We can come to you to pick up your clean sawdust, shavings, and harvested waste wood or other fibrous residuals. Please call us at (715) 842-9200.

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