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Thank you...

...for helping us recycle

Marth Wood Shavings contracts wood shavings, sawdust, and other clean waste wood from mills and manufacturers throughout the region. Our services provide these companies with competitive value, reliable transport services, and utilize a valuable renewable resource.

Animal Bedding, Shavings, Flakes

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our suppliers, who participate in our effort to reclaim waste wood, for promoting the wisest use of our forests. Your continued support and partnership has helped us become the most prominent and efficient user of wood byproducts in the Midwest.

Marth values and appreciates our continued customer base. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

With multiple locations and a wide array of production capabilities, we have the ability to manage a high volume of fiber residuals. You can count on Marth to always be able to accommodate the maximum volume of fiber residuals you can supply at the best value through the typical cycles of industry.

Animal Bedding, Shavings, Flakes

Natural Wood Shavings

...for Animal Bedding

A Clean, Dry, Low-Dust Solution that's Friendly to Animals, the Environment, and Your Budget

Good quality animal bedding is essential for maintaining the health of valuable animals. Marth Wood Shavings animal bedding is manufactured using rigorous quality control standards. Our bedding is made from 100% virgin wood particles from only Marth-approved mills. Shavings are kiln dried to a moisture content of 10% or less and screened to limit as much dust as possible to promote animal respiratory health. The final product is of consistently high quality, compressed to tightly fill plastic bags for maximum product density and easy handling.

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Marth Wood Supply - Wood Pellet Fuel, Wood Shavings, Animal Bedding, Wood Flour, Biomass Fuel, BBQ Pellets
Marth Animal Bedding & Pellet Receiving Processing Packaging Warehousing and loading

Marth Wood Supply - Wood Pellet Fuel, Wood Shavings, Animal Bedding, Wood Flour, Biomass Fuel, BBQ Pellets
Marth Animal Bedding Shavings Mill Overview

Choose from three

varieties to suit your

animals best:

Original Marth Wood Shavings

Absorbent bedding promotes animal health.

Marth Wood Supply - Animal Bedding, Shavings, FlakesOur original product, Marth Wood Shavings come in 3 cubic foot bags of high quality wood shavings. The material is an appropriate blend of pine, aspen, and other white soft woods ideal for dairy, horse, swine, poultry, small animals, and other pets.

Marth Easy Pick Bedding™

Smaller pieces make cleaning up easy.

Marth Wood Supply - Wood Pellet Fuel, Wood Shavings, Animal Bedding, Wood Flour, Biomass Fuel, BBQ PelletsSpecifically designed by Marth Wood Shavings for maximum absorption and easy separation from animal waste, Marth Easy Pick Bedding is made up of smaller pieces to keep costs down and make cleaning exceptionally easy. It is produced through our own proprietary process of drying followed by segregation of particles for small size and consistency. After separation, the particles are cleaned to remove as much dust as possible.

Marth Animal & Reptile Pellet Bedding

Absorbent and easy to clean with low-dust.

Refined in our pellet mill, Marth Pellet Bedding is made using pressure to bind small absorbent particles of wood together. The resulting pellets are super absorbent and make it easy to separate out animal waste, which translates to lower replacement costs.

Marth Wood Supply - Animal Bedding, Shavings, FlakesBy removing animal waste daily, you'll usually only need to add pellet bedding about once per week, depending on the animal.

Small rodents and reptiles:

Keep 1/2" to 1" of pellet bedding on the bottom of the cage. Remove waste immediately and add new bedding as needed.

Medium-size animals:

Use 1" to 1-1/2" of pellet bedding. Remove waste promptly and add new bedding as needed.

Large animals:

Fill the floor of the stall with 2" to 2-1/2" of pellet bedding. Wet with water evenly (about a half gallon per bag) to release the fine wood particles. The bedding should grow fluffier within 30 minutes of wetting. Remove manure and moisture-saturated areas using a pitchfork with narrow spaces between tines. Add new bedding as needed.

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